Sandra Mathis, a graduate from last year who runs Grace Kelli Cupcakes, said the program has given her the confidence she can eventually succeed. Still, operating the baked-goods company named after her daughter is a challenge—revenue can range from $100 to $3,000 a month.




As a lifetime New Yorker and the mother of four daughters, I am so proud to see the depth and breadth of support that Citi has provided Raquel, Sandra and many other women. Together, we are making this city a more inclusive place for our residents and entrepreneurs.


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The beginning of Grace Kelli Cupcakes started innocently enough as the gourmet cupcake and treat business started when Sandra Mathis sold treats to raise funds for her daughter’s pre-kindergarten graduation in the Bronx.


After hearing positive feedback from customers, Mathis – who named the company after her daughter (Grace Kelli McNeill) — branched out by selling treats to dental and doctor’s offices. Since the dental office where Mathis was employed was in a mall setting, she visited those stores and received more orders.


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